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Emir of Kano Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

Kano officially coronates Sanusi as Emir of Kano

The Kano State Government has crowned Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, the former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, as the 14th Emir of Kano.

Sanusi was turbaned at the Africa Hall of the Kano State Government House amidst tight security.

Kano State governor Rabiu Kwankwaso said the appointment of the emir was not a political issue as suggested in some sections. Kwankwaso said Sanusi topped the list of people recommended by the kingmakers for appointment as emir.

Sanusi’s coronation sparked protests in around Kano.

The Emir of Kano is one of the most influential monarchs among Northern Nigerian muslims.


How to Influence Your Man’s Style

You love your man right? But sometimes his style is just not on point. Here are Jay Osbie’s three top tips to ensure your man looks his best:

  1. Compliment him when he gets it right.

There are days when your man will be looking fly, Ladies, don’t hold back. This is the perfect opportunity to make him feel like he’s your knight in shining armour. Let him know that he looks good and be specific about what he’s got right. Compliment him when he’s around others so he feels proud of his accomplishment. Whether it’s the cut of his shirt, his camel chinos or suede loafers, shout from the rooftops when he’s looking his best.

  1. Guide him when he gets it wrong

Nobody likes to be told what to do. You will be more effective in influencing your man’s style if you subtly persuade him, without him even realising. Let’s say you’re both getting ready for a big night out, that party when all your friends will be there and you need him looking his best. Instead of leaving it to chance, pre organise two outfits for him and let him choose which one to wear. You get to dress him and he gets to choose. Win Win!

  1. Give him some off-days

Not everyone can be perfect all the time. Give your man a day when he can relax, wear that scruffy vest top and old trainers you abhor and get away with it! He will love you even more for it.

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Keeping Your Eyelashes Healthy

Eyelashes frame the eyes and protect them from harmful substances and foreign objects. They also help the eyes stand out and beautifies them. Lashes just like our hair can become brittle and dry which can lead to breakage and shedding. Not everyone likes to fix false lashes, so keeping your natural ones healthy is an important task.

How to Keep Your Eyelashes Healthy

The major cause of eye or eyelash ailments is dryness. There are several ways to combat this dryness and they include:

1. Diet:

Maintain a healthy diet that supports the growth of your eyelashes. Take lots of fruits, vegetables and proteins. Taking vitamins C and E supplements can help prevent the breakage of your eyelashes. Taking lots of water will aid in moisturizing and nourishing your lashes.

2. Avoid rubbing them:

Keep your hands away from your eyes as rubbing your eyes could tug away some delicate lashes.

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Why You Should Steam Your Hair

Most of ladies have dry and brittle hair and often times they complain of stunted hair growth and this could be because they skip this very important hair treatment process. Steaming or steam therapy is a deep conditioning treatment that makes use of steam as the name implies to release moisture into the scalp.

Hair steaming helps increase the flow of natural oils produced by your scalp thereby stimulating hair growth and eliminating dryness especially for natural hair.

Benefits of Steaming Your Hair

There are several benefits to this hair treatment process and it is definitely worth it, some of them include:

1. Opens hair pores: It gently lift the cuticle and opens up your clogged hair pores to allow the treatment penetrate. It therefore allows your hair the nourishment it deserves.

2. Improves hair elasticity: Hair breakage is as a result of poor elasticity of the hair. This therapy improves your hairs elasticity and prevents/reduces hair breakage.

3. Healthy hair cuticle: Hair cuticle is the thin outer layer of the hair. After this therapy, the hair strands become silky and smooth and have body instead of being limp.

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Choosing the Right Necklace for Different Necklines

Choosing the right necklace for an outfit is an ultimate must-do when aiming for a stylish look. If this is done wrongly it can turn your outfit into a big Nah!

First things first, you  have to know the different types of necklines and what necklaces go best with them. Some necklines are very versatile, so almost any necklace works well with them, while others suit only one or two specific styles.

The V neck line:

A necklace that mimic’s the v neck of the dress works well. Go for a piece that ends somewhere mid chest, and avoid things that would drape into you cleavage. A shorter necklace would keep attention off your chest and more on your face, and the necklace won’t get lost in your shirt.

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Wearing Heels to Work

How to wear high heels to work without loosing it

Wearing high heels makes women walk in a more feminine way but how do you this for the whole day?

Before we begin, note this! Make sure you buy and wear shoes that are the right size. Have your feet measured when you’re buying shoes, for width and for length as well.

1. Heels and Soles

If you are required to stand all day at work and you choose to wear heels, then go for thicker/blocked heeled shoes such as wedges. They  are a great comfortable option. They provide more cushioning than the thin soles/ stilettos. Likewise, opt for thinker soles/platforms. They cushion your soles and take some of the pressure off when you walk.

2 . Have a healthy routine 

For those ladies who sit at a desk all day, you can just kick off your shoes and allow your feet breathe & rest. Put them back on when you have to stand or move around. Taking put time to stretch your toes and ankle is very healthy and relives some of the pain. Stick with lower heels as they tend to be more comfortable and cause less pain.


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Ankara LookBook

It’s Friday again and time for Kamdora to bring you lovely Ankara styles to keep you up to date with the latest Ankara fashion.

Let us go beyond the usual and think outside the box, get creative with inspirations all around you now so let’s join the train and look mind blowing. We have put together some creative looks just for you.


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Corporate Drapes: Wearing a Shirt under a Sleeveless Dress

Some of us feel uncomfortable wearing a sleeveless dress to work, because it doesn’t seem professional. But apart from this obvious reason, we also have personal reasons such as fat arms, stretch marks, the weather and so on.

The most common solution that most of us use is to wear a jacket over our sleeveless dresses but there is another method that allows us to wear our lovely sleeveless dresses to work.

Wearing a sleeved shirt under your dress transforms it to the office dress you want, this is a technique called layering, but you should consider picking a shirt that will not keep bunching up during the cause of the day.


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Work Wardrobe Colour: Blue and White

Mixing colours can be fun and creative. The combination of blue and white looks really lovely because these colours are classics.

So if you are stuck on which colour to combine, you can try mixing blue and white. These colours complement each other and they are totally appropriate for a strict or relaxed work environment.

There are basically no rules when trying to combine these to colours, so your sense of style plays a major role in your looking great to work. Let’s see how these kamdolls combined their blue and white outfits:


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Rihanna Rocks Stella Jeans Ankara Print Dress

Rihanna was spotted yesterday rocking an Ankara print dress from Stella Jean’s Fall 2014 collection and this dress is said to worth $875 (about ₦148,000).


She finished her look with a Manolo Blahnik Chaos sandals and a Pierre black leather bag and she looked gorgeous in them. Stella Jean ankara styles are minimalist pieces meant for mixing and matching and they versatile enough to go from home to office to cocktails.


The singer wore the outfit for her visit to the white house. She posted the pictures on her instagram page and made it known to everyone that she was a fan of the Shonda Rhimes series Scandal as each picture had a scandal related caption.

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Modern Muslim Bridal Dresses

We have come across a lot of stylish Muslim brides and that prompted this article. Most people believe that a Muslim bride cannot be stylish; well we beg to differ.

A Muslim wedding ceremony is called a Nikah. A Muslim wedding dress is basically based on personal preference and style. The only clear rule regarding Islamic wedding dresses is that they have to adhere to religious customs; this means that women are not allowed to show their legs, torsos, shoulders or arms.

There is no specific colour that is off-limits for a woman involved in a Muslim marriage ceremony. Brides are free to choose gowns in whatever shade they please, though many modern women choose to stick with white or light shades.


Henna, Mehndi (Indian) or Lali (Hausa) which it is a form of beautification is applied on the feet and hands of the bride and her friends to make them stand out. Finding a modest yet stylish  white wedding gown may prove difficult, but see a lovely collection that you might like