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Emir of Kano Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

Kano officially coronates Sanusi as Emir of Kano

The Kano State Government has crowned Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, the former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, as the 14th Emir of Kano.

Sanusi was turbaned at the Africa Hall of the Kano State Government House amidst tight security.

Kano State governor Rabiu Kwankwaso said the appointment of the emir was not a political issue as suggested in some sections. Kwankwaso said Sanusi topped the list of people recommended by the kingmakers for appointment as emir.

Sanusi’s coronation sparked protests in around Kano.

The Emir of Kano is one of the most influential monarchs among Northern Nigerian muslims.


Getting Rid of Folds

Ridding yourself of folds

Thankfully you might not need a tummy tuck after all, see these helpful tips below

1. Eat right: Eating a well-balanced diet (consisting mainly of fruits, veggies and whole grains and low in fat and refined sugars) plus exercising regularly, will help you shed not only subcutaneous fat (the surface fat that makes love handles), but also the deeper visceral fat.

2. Work out: Dieting alone will not help you rid yourself of folds and vice versa. Regular exercise not only helps you slim down your whole body, it actually shrinks the size of fat cells in your stomach and tones your abdomen and midsection.

– Exercise routine: pick a cardiovascular exercise (such as swimming, running or cycling) + an exercise aimed at the abdomen region(such as as stomach crunches, yoga plank poses and leg lifts).

-Exercise at least 5 days a week for 30 minutes at a time.

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Work Wardrobe Bants

It gets hard sometimes trying to think of appropriate outfits and colours to combine to work.

And because it’s a work environment, you don’t want to go over board with your styles or be too loud with your choice of colours.


So getting your it Right is an important factor to consider. Go to work in clothes and colours that make you feel happy and express cheerfulness.

Wear clothes that fit and are trendy. ‘Accessorize’ right without doing-too-much.

Natural Anti Body Odour Remedies

Body odour can be caused by several factors such as poor hygiene, cleanliness, bacteria, sweat, medical conditions and so on.

On the bright side, it is possible to eliminate body odour and smell fresh at all times but this requires discipline and determination.

The following home remedies can help eliminate odour:

Use vinegar

Bacteria cause body odour and they require an environment with a high pH to grow. Vinegar works to reduce the pH of the environment it is applied to. Here are some ways you can use vinegar;

  • Soak a cotton ball in vinegar and apply to your under arms.
  • Put some vinegar in a sprayer or applicator bottle and apply to your underarms after bath.
  • Dilute some vinegar in water and rinse your underarms with it while bathing.

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Soft Hands: How To Achieve This

How to get soft hands

1. Good hydration is the key element: The body is made up of mostly water so drink as much of it as you can to prevent your skin from getting dry, rough and patchy.

-Maintain a healthy diet too.

2. Vaseline and socks: Before bed every night, properly wash your hands and dry them. Apply and massage vaseline unto your palms and tuck them into a spa socks or a pair of clean socks on it. This will leave your hands feeling soft and fresh in the morning.

3. Wear gloves: Gloves protect and maintain soft hands. Buy disposable or household gloves and use them when a. cleaning the home. b. washing or cooking spicy food and fruits eg peppers.


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Healthy tips for a better night’s sleep

Sleep is one of the things we do not have any control over, no matter how hard you try you just cannot cheat nature. You cannot make up for sleep hours that you lose per day, but there are some healthy habits to help improve the quality of your sleep.

Healthy sleep habits can make a huge difference in the quality of your life. Here are some habits that you can adopt.

1. Create Routines: Your body needs a routine. It’s not just enough to have a wake up time. Picking a time to go to bed and wake up every day, including on weekends. This helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep.

2. Stay cool: Sleep is more likely to come when your body temperature is low. It’s harder to fall asleep when it’s hot or wen the person next to you is emitting so much heat. Invest in air conditioners or fans and remember no one said you should wake up frozen, so keep it moderate.

3. Black out: the tiniest amount of light can disturb your sleep from hall way lights to phone lights. So turn everything off till the next morning.

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Red Lipstick: Knowing Your Perfect Shade

1. First things first,  determine what your skin tone and undertones are.

2. Try experimenting with as many shades as you can but with very affordable lipstick brands. If  you already have the answer to your perfect shade problem, then good for you.

But if you still cannot figure out what red lipstick colour suits your perfectly, see our guide below.

a. Fair Skin

-Coral reds look most beautiful on you; they add a shot of color but aren’t overpowering.

-These shades make teeth look whiter.

-We Recommend: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Fire & Ice.

2. Brown-dark brown Skin


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How to Prevent Dark Armpits

How to Prevent Dark Armpits
1. Avoid shaving: Shaving removes hair on the surface and leaves a stubble which gives the appearance of a dark armpit. Shaving also causes the skin to become rough and lead to pigmentation overtime. An alternative to shaving is waxing, this removes the hair from the roots and leaves you feeling fresh.

2. Reduce your use of shaving creams: Shaving creams contain harsh chemicals that can harm your skin. Frequent use of these products can lead to irritation, pigmentation, rashes and skin disorders. The safer alternative we advice again is to wax your underarms.

3. Have your bath regularly: Bath regularly especially if the weather is hot. Not taking a bath can lead to build up of bacteria that cause smelly sweat and pigmentation.


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Trending Now: The Boot Cut Pants

The boot cut pants became popular in the 1990’s are back now and even thought they never really went out of style, the versatility of the boot-cut makes it a go-to piece for any season.

The Boot cut pants are  easily confused with the flare/ palazzo pants but here is how to tell the difference: the boot cut usually tapper to the knee and has slight flare from the knee to the hem unlike the palazzos that are flared from top to bottom.

The flattering properties of a high-waist, slimmed thigh and flared hem boot cut pant are perfect for women of all shapes and heights as it can balance out curvier figures. They also specifically recommended for women with a pear body type (bigger on the bottom).

The best thing about them is the fact that they can be worn to work, a day out and even a very formal event.


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How to Influence Your Man’s Style

You love your man right? But sometimes his style is just not on point. Here are Jay Osbie’s three top tips to ensure your man looks his best:

  1. Compliment him when he gets it right.

There are days when your man will be looking fly, Ladies, don’t hold back. This is the perfect opportunity to make him feel like he’s your knight in shining armour. Let him know that he looks good and be specific about what he’s got right. Compliment him when he’s around others so he feels proud of his accomplishment. Whether it’s the cut of his shirt, his camel chinos or suede loafers, shout from the rooftops when he’s looking his best.

  1. Guide him when he gets it wrong

Nobody likes to be told what to do. You will be more effective in influencing your man’s style if you subtly persuade him, without him even realising. Let’s say you’re both getting ready for a big night out, that party when all your friends will be there and you need him looking his best. Instead of leaving it to chance, pre organise two outfits for him and let him choose which one to wear. You get to dress him and he gets to choose. Win Win!

  1. Give him some off-days

Not everyone can be perfect all the time. Give your man a day when he can relax, wear that scruffy vest top and old trainers you abhor and get away with it! He will love you even more for it.

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Keeping Your Eyelashes Healthy

Eyelashes frame the eyes and protect them from harmful substances and foreign objects. They also help the eyes stand out and beautifies them. Lashes just like our hair can become brittle and dry which can lead to breakage and shedding. Not everyone likes to fix false lashes, so keeping your natural ones healthy is an important task.

How to Keep Your Eyelashes Healthy

The major cause of eye or eyelash ailments is dryness. There are several ways to combat this dryness and they include:

1. Diet:

Maintain a healthy diet that supports the growth of your eyelashes. Take lots of fruits, vegetables and proteins. Taking vitamins C and E supplements can help prevent the breakage of your eyelashes. Taking lots of water will aid in moisturizing and nourishing your lashes.

2. Avoid rubbing them:

Keep your hands away from your eyes as rubbing your eyes could tug away some delicate lashes.

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